The 5 Day Profitable Prayer Challenge

Join over 200 400 Kingdom-minded Business Owners who have taken this challenge to understand how to access the limitless wealth, industry impact, and spiritual fulfillment heaven already says is YOURS by, you guessed it, PRAYER!
Hey there Kingdom Business Owner ,

Even though you believe in the power of prayer, you have YET to see it rightly applied to produce results in your business that you can measure and rely on. Am I right?

Now, you can learn how to dispel the MYTHS preventing over 75% of prayerful people from SEEING  the results of prayer in their business, without manipulating God (as if you even could) or feeling guilty about desiring your business to prosper

Join this training for a "no-brainer " price of $37.
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Happening May 23-26, 2022 8pm ET and May 27 at 9am ET
The best  $37 USD your business will EVER spend
What to expect?
•  Training each day of the challenge
• A private Facebook group 
•Prophetic Insight

Quick FAQ

What is a Prayer Challenge? A 5 day intensive focusing dispelling the MYTHS preventing over 75% of prayerful people from SEEING the results of prayer in their business!
​When is the challenge? Mark your calendar for Monday through Thursday May 23-26 at 8pm ET & Friday May 27 at 9 am ET and BONUS session: Saturday May 28th at 9 am ET.
Where is the challenge? Zoom (you will be emailed the link each morning).
Will there be replays if I can't join LIVE? Yes, replays will be available on the replay page until EOD June 3, 2022. 

Ready to Expose These Myths and Learn The TRUTH About What God Says About You & Your Business ?

"Old" prayer tactics shroud you in guilt.

Ever felt like...
...I "should be" praying more?
... I have a business to run and can't spend hours "on my knees"? 
...prayer is good but I got work to do?
I know prayer is powerful but are MY prayers powerful?

When those go unchecked and unanswered it means....
.... you pray less often feel inept when you actually pray don't see the results you want

 I felt the same way ....

"Praying the Kingdom way is WAAAYYY easier and more effective that how I prayed before" ~Julia M. Winston
Hey there,

I'm Julia M. Winston, of Brave Leadership Consulting and creator of Pray The Kingdom Way. I have always loved to communicate with God in prayer. But once I came into the revelation of the Kingdom of God, the way I prayed didn't feel right anymore. 

It didn't align with the revolutionary truths of what Jesus died to restore on the cross. Naturally I asked God about it.

He showed me how to change the way I pray for my primary business and I had my first SIX FIGURE YEAR then I had my first SIX FIGURE MONTH. Then I began using those tactics to other businesses. And you want to know what happened? 

CLOSENESS, CLARITY, and CASH came to my clients but wanna know what was more important to my clients?  The feeling of finally having a business that was both SPIRITUALLY and FINANCIALLY fulfilling. It's possible!

In this challenge, I'm sharing the exact Kingdom prayer strategies I use to help my clients see profits and measurable results in their business.

These strategies DO NOT treat God like a "genie" who needs to be rubbed the right way, who needs you in your prayer closet for hours a day. Instead profits are unlocked by growing closer to Him, coming into right alignment with His heart for you AND with the way Heaven recognizes your business. Sounds great, right?

Here's what you get ...
  • Day 1: The Myths You Secretly Believe About GOD That Prevents The Fullness of His Goodness From Showing Up Brazenly In Your Life and Business
  • Day 2: The Myths You Secretly Believe About PRAYER That Kills Your Confidence And Prevents You From Thinking AND Acting Boldly
  • Day 3: The Myths You Secretly Believe About YOU That Fill Your Mind With So Much Self-Doubt That You Constantly Second Guess Your Business Decisions
  • Day 4: The Myths You Secretly Believe About MONEY That Once Uprooted, Brings Income, Impact, and Influence 
  • Day 5: The Myths You Secretly Believe About Your BUSINESS That Once Exposed, Positions Your Business To Fulfill Its Mission With Grace and Gravitas


  • BONUS #1: A Kingdom View On The Difference Between Prayer, Declaring, and Decreeing, a conversation Dubb Alexander, United Nations Liaison, and Kingdom Reformer 
Imagine ALL of heaven...
...happily cheering you on as your bank account balances grow
...conspiring to bring you top of mind to your ideal customers, partners, and industry influencers so the path to them is lined with favor you the wisdom of the ages, earmarked just for you, to solve the complex problems of your business in a way that utterly satisfies your purpose and calling in life

Imagine ...
  • SEEING the power of prayer to win BIG in business
  •  KNOWING  what God says about you and your business.
  • TRASHING any hidden blocks you believe about money
  • NO MORE self-doubt and second-guessing 

Check out the transformation in these business owners

 Still Not Sure?

Take the What Is Your Prayer Mindset? quiz to discover
 how you uniquely approach prayer as a Kingdom Business Owner and how this challenge will help you!
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